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MBR Travel Set Tissue Activator Serum

MBR Travel Set Tissue Activator Serum

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Collection containing Tissue Activator Serum, Beta-Enzyme, and Skin Sealer Protection Shield.

Tissue Activator Serum: A defining serum that increases the dermal tissue functions, promoting the formation and generation of collagen fibers.

Beta-Enzyme: A complex of mild hydroxy acids and papain enzymes, removes excess sebum and lipids, revealing a radiant and refined complexion.

Skin Sealer Protection Shield: A smoothing cream that activates stem cells, ensuring skin regeneration and deeply replenishes the skin’s lipid barrier.


• Stimulates tissue formation and generation of collagen fibers

• Promotes adhesion of collagen fibers and maintains collagen balance

• Reduces dark shadows, especially around the eyes, mouth and chin

• Improves elasticity

• Defines and lifts contours

• Removes excess sebum and lipids

• Increases ability to absorb treatment products

• Stimulates cell metabolism

• Activates regeneration process

• Minimizes fine lines, wrinkles and pores

• Refines skin’s surface structure

• Reveals smoothed and radiant skin

• Protects and rebuilds lipid barrier

• Moisturizes deeply with a light, silky feel

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