Personalized. Elite. Bespoke.

At Cheeks, our facials and skin treatments are tailored to your individual skin condition(s) and concerns at the moment of your appointment. Our primary goal is to analyze your skin, listen to you about your skincare goals and customize a curated skincare plan – combining both professional treatments and an at-home routine – that meets your lifestyle needs. Since each facial and skin treatment is tailored to you at the time of service, the duration of the appointment varies depending on the treatment received and will be customized to meet your needs. To stay true to the concierge aspect of our name, we offer our treatments at both our atelier, as well as at your personal location. Unlike traditional spas that have standard hours, you are also able to request treatment hours outside of the standard business hours to accommodate your lifestyle. Since our treatments are highly customized, so are the prices of our treatments. When requesting an appointment, we will first reach out to schedule a consultation and we will determine the cost of your treatment need to achieve your skincare goals.

We’d Love To Treat Your Cheeks