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Dermatologists Call This Treatment “The Face of the Future”

Dermatologists Call This Treatment “The Face of the Future”

If a taut, lifted look is what you’re after, there’s no shortage of facial treatments and DIY techniques to try, from injectables to gua sha massage. One of the newest innovations is EMFACE, and it’s an option that should be on your radar, especially if you’re needle-averse.

Both needle-free and non-invasive, EMFACE is a two-for-one procedure. Unlike injectables, facial tools, and massages, EMFACE, targets the muscles of the face and the skin at the same time—something which has never been done before. “It addresses concerns of the aging face in a novel way without pain or downtime,” says Jennifer Levine, M.D., a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon. “It truly is the face of the future.”

The 20-minute treatment, which is administered in a four-session series, uses radio frequency combined with HIFES-brand muscle stimulation to boost collagen, improve elasticity, and tone facial muscles for a lifting effect. “After finishing the full course,” says Paul Jarrod Frank, M.D., cosmetic dermatologist, patients will see “long-term results with overall improvement of the structure of the face and skin quality.”

So what is EMFACE and what exactly is the experience like? Here, all those questions and more—answered


If the name sounds familiar, that may be because EMFACE is the sister treatment of the popular body toning device, EMSCULPT NEO. Just like that body contouring treatment, EMFACE treats both skin and muscle. EMFACE uses HIFES-brand muscle stimulation to help contract facial muscles to lift and strengthen. “By combining the muscle stimulation with the radio frequency EMFACE targets the deeper layers of tissue, treating the skin from the inside out,” says Dr. Levine.

What Type of Results Can You Expect?

Short answer: A smoother, lifted look. EMFACE targets the full face, including the facial muscles that elevate the eyebrows (the frontalis) as well as those that elevate the corners of the mouth (the zygomaticus major and minor). “These muscles thicken after the treatment so the face will look more lifted and toned,” says Dr. Levine. “The radio frequency component can help with [rebuilding] collagen and elastin which also helps with wrinkles.”

Because the device can match the unique contours of every face and selectively activate and contract individual facial muscles, there are no cookie-cutter results. Your specialist can create a lateral brow lift, add facial definition and contouring of the cheeks, define the jawline, improve skin texture and wrinkles—there’s plenty of versatility.

Who Is a Candidate for EMFACE?

Anyone looking to make structural improvements in the face can benefit, says Dr. Frank, because EMFACE works as a preventative, corrective, or restorative treatment, so it can target concerns at different stages in the aging process. The device can be used as an entry-level treatment in younger patients or, he says, for “older patients looking for the most natural and proactive approach to reversing the signs of aging.”

It’s also a great alternative for needle-averse patients who want a non-frozen, lifted look or want to address face asymmetry without injectables. And if you already have toxins and/or fillers, EMFACE can be used in tandem for boosted results. For example, EMFACE can help lift the forehead area, while toxins can be administered to smooth frown lines.

What Happens During an EMFACE Appointment?

Adhesive applicators are placed on various muscles of your face, and a grounding pad will be attached to your back to ensure safe delivery of the radio frequency. The applicators deliver electrical pulses to stimulate specific facial group muscles to improve facial structure, and, at the same time, allow radio frequency energy to target collagen and elasticity for firming and line-smoothing effects. Each session lasts just 20 minutes, and no prep or downtime post-treatments are required.

Of course you’re wondering, will this hurt? Your sessions shouldn’t be painful, though you will feel some sensation. As Dr. Levine explains, “The procedure feels slightly warm, like fingers raking on the top of your head. You also will feel the corners of your mouth raising [slightly].”

When Will You See Results?

Patients can see a difference immediately after one session but, for optimal results, they should follow a four-treatment protocol (spaced five to ten days apart). The final effect will be seen around the six- to 12-week mark. “Although results are long-lasting,” says Dr. Frank, “maintenance treatments are recommended and vary depending on one’s age and desired result.”

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